The Boiler Room:
November 29, 2009


THIS is a disgrace:

The condition of the Boiler Room on November 30, 2009 was deplorable to say the least. Supplies were strewn everywhere, amid all the other junk, trash and debris in this room. 
With management and maintenance skills like this, it's nothing short of a miracle that Kier never killed anyone as a result of their indiscretions...

Because Kier employees failed to clean up the ceiling debris that had fallen on top of and around the boiler, air flow to the boiler's burners was significantly diminished, causing flames to shoot out through the vents in the burner's access panel, immediately adjacent to this pile of lumber and other flammable materials that Kier employees had stacked up there.

Kier's negligent mismanagement of this building could have easily killed someone.
Both of these examples can ONLY be described as nothing less than criminal negligence
Another account of Kier endangering the lives of the residents can be seen by
In the weeks following November 30, I removed an estimated, 300 to 400 pounds of dirt, dust and debris from the floor of this one room alone.


Photos of how Kier maintained the boiler room