Identifying the System Abusers:
January, 2009


I spent most of the month of January, trying to familiarize myself with the incomplete tenant files that Kier had given me on November 30.

Kier certainly had a unique and very unusual method of maintaining and organizing tenant files. I now believe that they used the same person that they used to organize and maintain the boiler room, when putting these files together.

Most of these files had not been kept in any apparent order and some were only partially complete. In fact, one resident file was actually missing the resident's lease altogether. As it turned out, he was never required to sign one.

After weeks of deciphering these hieroglyphic files,  I discovered that Kier had essentially been permitting the residents to abuse the system in whatever ways they chose to.  Besides finding several cases of system abuse in Kier's files, I also discovered that  Kier possessed relatively few,  tenant selection skills or ability whatsoever.  In fact, it appears as though Kier's sole criteria for qualifying prospective tenants for residency at my building, was whether or not the prospective tenant had a heartbeat. 

For instance: ...

If you have a prospective tenant who has, a State tax lien filed against her and has 63 lines of credit in charge-off for nearly $30,000. and a phony assistance animal story....

Chances are pretty good, that she is not going to be a good candidate for residency at my building. 
(or at anyone else's either)

...Sadly, Kier missed these clues.

This system abusing tenant presented this Assistance Animal Verification form to Kier Property Management on July 23, 2008, after she was somehow able to get her doctor to fill it out and sign it for her.

Rather than making the recommendation in his own professional opinion, as the form indicates,  he makes the following statement:

"Patient states that the dog informs her when her internal defibrillator (pacemaker) is about to shock her and gets her to sit down."

Ever hear anything more ridiculous in your life??

You're about to....
After examining the verification form (above) Kier Employee, Pam Tomney approved this tenant's request and permitted her to keep a 50+ pound         pit-bull in her apartment.
When I took over the building in November, 2009, I realized that the alleged assistance animal that this tenant was keeping, wasn't even the same dog.  I also discovered that she was also keeping a second look alike dog and pretending that they were both the same dog.

I made this second dog discovery,  In February, 2010 when I noticed that this tenant's dog had a penis... but only occasionally.

The pictures below are of some of the damages this tenant's phony assistance animal had caused to her unit.... they were taken in August, 2010 after she was evicted for committing 2 hate crimes against other Residents during a 4th of July BBQ at the building.

In October 2010, I filed a suit in Small Claims Court against this former tenant for the damages that her phony assistance animal had caused to her unit.  I also filed a similar claim against her doctor, to recover damages resulting from the felony he committed, by providing false and/or fraudulent information to a Department of the U.S. Government regarding a person's need to keep an assistance animal.  This doctor's attorney is now asking the courts for sanctions against me for pointing out that he had committed a felony, stating that it wasn't my place to do so.... EXCUSE ME? ... I don't believe it was the good doctor's place to conspire with his patient to commit this felony in the first place.

Here is yet another fine example of Kier's excellent tenant selection ability:

This tenant, had a whopping 19 out of 21 lines of credit in charge off for close to $15,000.

She was also housing 3 additional persons in her unit, without authorization
and against the terms of her lease.

The unauthorized occupants of her unit caused an estimated $15,000 in damages to the building.

She was also cited at the building by the Ogden City Police, for Disorderly Conduct.  She never appeared on the citation and now has a warrant for a Failure to Appear.

She was finally served with an eviction notice for criminal nuisance and went on the run to avoid service, for more than 2 months. She ultimately abandoned her unit, leaving the mess you see here

Combined, these two models of "tenant perfection" (and shining examples of Kier's negligence), caused over $23,000 in damages to their units and the building.
When you also take into account the damages caused by the former tenant of unit #2, who was evicted after I discovered that, although she had been telling the Housing Authority that she was unemployed for the entire time she was living in the building, she had actually been working at a local fast food restaurant for over 2 years, while her boyfriend (who was not even authorized to be living there) was home selling drugs from the unit and beating the crap out of his pregnant girlfriend, every chance that he got.....  

Add to these fine folks, the damages caused by the former tenant of unit #1 (pictures shown earlier) and..
Together these four little criminals  
caused over $75,000 in damages 
to their units and the building, in just one year.

In a letter from Kier's attorney, he states that, "No tenant selection process has a 100% guarantee...
Evidently, it's not even a remote possibility  when Kier's involved.

This tenant claims that he had a stroke back in October 2011 and now needs a cane to walk.  Evidently, the ONLY thing this scam artist uses his cane for is for threatening to hit people and dogs with it. (OCPD Case # 11-105310).

In January 2012, I served this tenant with an eviction notice
His freebie ULS attorney is trying to get me to stop the eviction based on his "medical condition".  It doesn't look like he has ANY trouble walking... OR carrying his beer.