Unit #1 ... Vacant for 2 Months While Exposed to Weather and Transients:
November 30, 2009


Just moments after I left Kier's offices, where they had allegedly given me every key that they had for the building, Kier maintenance employees arrived at the building and let themselves in through the security door in the south lobby, then proceeded to let themselves into unit #1, to collect the tools and supplies that they had been using to ready the unit for re-renting.

Oh wait!!!  Didn't Kier just give me every key that they had for the building, just minutes earlier at their offices???
The keys that these Kier employees used to get into the building must have come from some other source.

As you will see again and again throughout this blog, Kier has an almost compulsive habit of being less than truthful... when it suited them.
The story I got from Kier employee Pam Tomney, was that this tenant had become so outraged at the prospect of being evicted,  that she began throwing her furniture and belongings out of the windows... Unfortunately (for me) these windows were closed at the time.
If THIS  was what the unit looked like, after Kier employees had been working on it for more than 2 months, imagine what it must have looked like before... So much for Kier's tenant selection abilities.

Again, this was November 30.  Due to Kier's failure to appropriately seal these broken windows, this unit had been exposed to the fall / winter weather in Utah, for over 2 months.