The Ogden Housing Authority: -
Consistently Inconsistent


Between December 1, 2009 and February 5, 2012, I have had to evict 6, system abusing tenants who had caused significant and substantial damages to their units.

Throughout that time period, I was consistently and repeatedly informed by the Ogden Housing Authority that there was no provision for filing a claim for the excessive damages that these tenant's had caused to their units.

Nevertheless, I made a habit of photographically documenting the excessive unit damages and routinely sent the Housing Authority copies of the photos along with a detail of the damages incurred.

As was my practice, upon evicting the 6th tenant, I provided the Housing Authority with copies of the photos and a detail of the damages incurred. But this time, I also included a copy of paragraph 32 of the tenant's lease which provides for filing an excessive damage claim, as well as a copy of the HUD Program Rule that also provides for the filing of an excessive damages claim, which I obtained from HUD's own website.  (below)

Obviously, the Ogden Housing Authority had forgotten that they had consistently told me that there was no provision for filing a claim, and sent me the email below...

Although the damage claim forms were sent to me... Once the Ogden Housing Authority realized their mistake in giving me this information, they tried to prevent my ability to file by telling me that in order to file a claim for excessive damages, they had to perform a damage claim move-out inspection PRIOR to any work being started on the unit, in direct contradiction to the HUD rule below, which states that the "OWNER has completed the Move-in and Move-out inspections required by HUD". (which I had)

Once it became clear that the Ogden Housing Authority was violating my rights under HUD rules, I contacted Janet Rodriguez at the HUD Denver Office to file a complaint against the Ogden Housing Authority.  

Obviously, Ms. Rodriguez contacted the Ogden Housing Authority and addressed the issue with them, because the following day, Ogden Housing contacted my site manager and scheduled a Move-out Damages Inspection with her.

On February 29, 2012, Ogden Housing Authority - Special Programs Manager, Lin Fulcher sent me the following letter and procedure for filing a damage claim, and agreed that their agency would accept damage claims for these 6 units.... NOTE THE DISCREPANCY.  Ms. Fulcher states that the Ogden Housing Authority is authorized to pay the lesser of the amount owed by the tenant or, "One (1) months Contract Rent" .... The claim form they sent to me states, "Two (2) months Contract Rent". 

The OHA is so caught up in the lies that they tell,
They can't even keep them straight anymore.

The Ogden Housing Authority

Consistently Inconsistent

The OHA is supposed to honor the owner’s policy on occupancy (sharing a bedroom)  

When an applicant with 2 daughters (8 & 9) applied for a 2-bedroom unit, it was obvious that they needed a 3-bedroom

We advised the applicant to contact the OHA and ask them to qualify her for a 3-bedroom unit.

The OHA told the applicant that she didn’t qualify for a 3-bedroom, because her children were of the same sex and had to share a bedroom.

So which is it OHA? You say that you honor the owner’s policy  
... but maybe just when it suits you?

The second bedrooms in our units are exceedingly small, at barely 9’x10’.  Placing 8 and 9 year old girls in a 9’x10’ bedroom, would certainly subject the room to excessive traffic and wear and tear. Although there is a contract provision to reimburse owners for excessive wear, it’s been our experience that you’d have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting reimbursed by the OHA.