Murder at the Peery Apartments:
A look back at July 14, 2008


First, I want to go back to the night of July 14, 2008 when a woman was brutally murdered behind the building, by a gunshot to the head. I was notified of the crime by Kier Project Manager, Terri Muchmore, who decided it was appropriate to leave me this information in a voicemail message and then take off for Idaho for a week. (?)

A Murder At The Peery Apartments: 
The Real Story Finally Comes Out

Kier executive, Terri Muchmore decided that the best way to tell me about the murders, was to leave me a voicemail message...


E-mail Kier sent - for my scrapbook?

For the next week, the demeanor at Kier took on an almost carnival-esque tone, as Kier employees passed countless newspaper clippings and video links around their offices, before forwarding them on to me via email.  I finally concluded that , Kier must have thought that I would probably want to have these articles for my scrapbook (?), since they put more effort into sending them to me, than they did into discovering what was going on at the building that could have led to this management debacle.

Officials determined that the murder victim was a prostitute.  She had been living with the tenant in unit #2, in direct violation of that tenant's lease agreement and in violation of the terms of her housing assistance contract with the Ogden Housing Authority.   Kier employee Terri Muchmore, had been informed by other residents that the murder victim had been living with the tenant in unit #2, but she did nothing about it.... Evidently, Kier had done nothing about it for 17 years.

For liability purposes, I immediately ordered Kier, in writing, to evict the tenant in #2, for committing a lease violation that had resulted in the death of another person on the premises... Nearly a year passed before I discovered that Kier had deliberately disobeyed my order to evict, when they informed me on March 4, 2009 that the tenant in #2 had been evicted, after being arrested at the building for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer.

When I questioned Kier about their deliberate failure to obey my directive to evict the tenant in #2,  Kier claimed that they had lacked enough proof to evict the tenant.  (they apparently lacked the integrity to tell me about that too).  Terri Muchmore admitted in an email to me, that she (Kier) had always suspected the tenant in #2 of being a prostitute, stating that other tenants had informed her (Kier) that the murder victim had been living with the tenant in unit #2.    HUD rules state that a Landlord may evict a Resident, if the Landlord has reason to believe that the Resident is involved in any type of criminal activity, that could adversely affect the safety of the other residents or the complex as a whole.

Note the woman's statement: "You could see the hole in her head"
NOBODY should have to see that.
Note the woman's statement near the end of this segment: "It could have been any one of us girls" Evidently, the building had no shortage of "working girls".... The place was apparently crawling with 'em.

I recently learned the "REAL" story behind these gruesome murders

 A voice-mail message from Terri Muchmore telling me about the murder;

Note Terri Muchmore's statement, "She has loved there since 1991." Initially, I thought this was a typo, but apparently I was wrong.

Kier suspected this tenant of being a prostitute for 17 years, before they finally got around to doing something about it.

What's the hurry.. right?

News clippings sent by Kier
Apparently for my scrapbook? 
  • My email to Kier employee Terri Muchmore, ordering Kier to evict the tenant in Unit #2 for violating the terms of her lease.
  • Kier's email to me, establishing that they had deliberately ignored my order to evict the resident that the murder victim had been living with, until after her arrest for prostitution... Nearly a year later.

I don't know how I could have made my order to evict this tenant any clearer, yet Kier deliberately ignored my directive until they were forced to evict her, because the tenant was arrested at the building for soliciting sex from an under cover police officer.

A horrible twist of fate: The horrible twist of fate was Kier choosing to rent yet another unit in my building, to a drug abuser who happened to be friends with this killer. 

It took Terri Muchmore 7-days to respond to the email below ... Talk about prompt

UPDATE 6/25/10

UPDATE:  May 30, 2013

            The Wounds are Still Fresh

Five years after the murders, one family still grieves over the loss of their loved one, marking the upcoming anniversary of this tragedy, on the retaining wall of my building.