Kier's Trashy Negligence:
January 25, 2010


When my contract with Kier terminated on November 30, 2009, Kier failed to provide me with ANY account information for the building's services.

Finally, On December 11, 2009, after numerous requests, Kier employee, Pam Tomney provided me with the contact information for the waste removal company and a detail of the waste removal expenses for the time I owned the building.

During the time that Kier managed the building for me, they spent over $11,000 on trash removal.

On Wednesday, December 16, I noticed that although there was only a couple of bags of trash in the dumpster, The Allied Waste truck came out and emptied it. On Friday, December 18, Allied's truck came out again to empty the dumpster, that contained only 1 bag of trash.

Now that I had the contact information that Ms. Tomney had given me, I contacted Allied Waste to discuss their services and the contract I had with them.... What I found out, paints a clear picture of Kier's habitual neglect of my property.

Apparently, I never had a contract with Allied Waste:
  • The Allied Waste account for the building was in Kier's name and had most recently been updated in 1995. (10 years before I bought the building)
  • Although the usage clearly didn't call for it,  Kier was having the trash picked up twice weekly at a cost of nearly $90 per pick-up.
On December 1, 2009, the bill with Allied Waste was delinquent for nearly a month.

On January 25, 2010, I paid the delinquent balance with Allied Waste, in the amount of $555.50 plus an additional, $280.37 for the current month's invoice.

After placing the Allied Waste account into my name, I contacted the account representative, Maryann Fink, and changed the pick-up from twice weekly to once weekly. By being an attentive and observant property manager, I was able to reduce the building's waste removal bill by over  50%.

Kier Management was totally unaware that a bi-weekly pick-up exceeded the building's requirements, costing me an estimated $5,500 in needless pick-ups over the 4 years that they managed the building.


In December, 2009: ...
I discovered that Kier Property Management had never bothered to put the building's waste management contract into my name, although our contract required them to.  Instead, Kier opted to continue their own contract with Allied Waste, that they had opened in 1987. The most recent change or modification to the account had been made in 1995, (10 years before I bought the building).
On November 30, 2009: ...
Kier Management was nearly a month behind in paying the trash collection invoices with Allied Waste Services. During the course of switching the accounts into my name and paying the delinquent bills, Allied Waste sent me this form to complete and return to them, authorizing my request to change account information and billing address.

In July, 2010: ...
Allied again, asked me to fill out another change request, because although I had changed the account information in January, Allied had yet to remove Kier’s name from the account.

In the spring of 2010: ... 
I contacted my Allied Waste representative, Maryann Flink, with concerns that the weight of their truck was too much for the driveway to accommodate, due to a large rut that had been forming along the south driveway, that clearly lined up with the wheels of their  truck. As it turned out, the rut that had been forming along the south driveway, was a result of one of the exterior drain pipes collapsing under the weight of Allied's truck.  The rut was clearly evident. It was;t present when I bout the building in 2005, yet Kier never bothered looking into what was causing it.

Although I was thrilled that we had significantly reduced the monthly waste removal bill,  I eventually grew tired of Allied Waste’s trucks habitually running over our sprinklers and breaking them. Their exceedingly poor customer service and failure to address the problem of their drivers breaking our sprinklers, led me to consider other waste removal companies.  In September 2013, I contacted Waste Management and was happy with the significantly lower quote they had given me, but decided to stay with Allied (now Republic Services) after Allied convinced me that the quote Waste Management had given me was only a come-on / teaser rate, to get me to switch.

Another year passed and I was still dissatisfied with republic Services and their ever increasing prices, so I decided to take a chance and make the change and I couldn’t be happier, as you can see in this comparison.

Paragraph 17 of my contract with Kier Management, required them to seek out the best prices for services.

Kier's contract with Allied Waste was 20-yearts old. It began in 1987 and had not been changed or modified since 1995.

Apparently, 20-years was just not enough time for Kier to seek out the best price for trash
paragraph 17

I assumed that the company I hired to manage my building, would do the job that I had hired them to do.  In just this one instance, that assumption cost me over $5,500.

No Kier Management is suing me for telling people about it.... ALL class