Negligent Maintenance and Lies:
May 7, 2010


Because Kier failed to do ANY preventative maintenance at the building during the entire time that they managed it for me, all of the rain gutters and down spouts at the building became clogged with (as you can see) decades worth of pigeon droppings. Because there was no place for the rain water to drain to, it backed up into eaves and rotted out the building's soffits.  Evidence of this can be found in a letter from Kier's attorney to me, denying all responsibility for this and claiming that the building's soffits had been repaired in 2003... (2 years before I bought the building.)  After examining the soffits more closely, there is absolutely no evidence that they had ever been repaired.

In this letter from Kier's Attorney, Bryon Benevento, he claims that Kier constantly cleaned the pigeon droppings from the building and further claimed that the soffits had been repaired by some mysterious previous owner in 2003, 2 years before I bought the building.

That being the case, Mr. Benevento establishes that his client failed to perform ANY preventative maintenance at the building, resulting in the damages to the building's soffits.

The building's drainage system was so severely clogged, it took several minutes with a high pressure nozzle just to unclog the drains.... Kinda contradicts what Kier's attorney wrote in his letter huh?

Here, you can see the result of Kier's NEGLIGENCE and LIES:
Because the water in the building's rain gutters had no place to drain to, it backed up into the eaves and did this damage to the buildings roofline.

...and lawyers are supposed to be honest???
Clearly, the letter from Kier's attorney is a rather loose interpretation of the word,

The pictures below are of the dining room window in unit #3. The former tenant of unit #3 told us that when it gets breezy outside, the entire window assembly would flex in and out, as though it were actually breathing. I had my maintenance man check out the window. He found that the window was so deteriorated, he couldn't figure out why it hadn't imploded into the unit in a million shards of glass.

You can see that the window is SO deteriorated, that the glass is barely held in

The window has been disassembled and rebuilt and is
no longer a danger to anyone.

3 1/2 floors down, is a long way for glass to fall, had this window come apart.
Anyone walking beneath it would have surely been killed


You can see here that the windows have been repaired,  reassembled and repainted...
From the outside, you can see that there is no longer a risk of these panes of glass falling out and dropping 3 1/2 floors to the driveway below....

    The Result.....

These windows have been rebuilt and no longer leak air and the danger of the glass falling more than 40 feet to the driveway below and potentially killing anyone walking by has been eliminated...

Now THAT'S preventative maintenance

Still have doubts?
The photograph below was taken from Google Maps.
The building in the picture is the corporate offices of none other than: Kier Property Management.

If Kier won't even take care of THEIR OWN roof,
Why would I expect them to take care of mine?
Kier Property Management - 3710 Quincy Ave. - Ogden, Utah 84403
A closer look

Photographs of the roof at another Kier managed property in Colorado
The neglect of roofs at these properties must be the status quo

One of Kier's own employees sent these pictures to me