SURPRISE!!....OHA Misses the Mark.... Yet Again
Feb. 2011

In October, I contracted the services of the Truly Nolan Pest Control Co, to address a growing, building wide infestation that was caused by the deplorable housekeeping habits of the former tenant in unit #7.

Upon contracting the Truly Nolan Co. at a cost of over $3,000/year, I informed the residents (in writing) that if they failed to keep their units clean, as contractually obligated to by their leases, then any violating household would be charged back for all extermination work that was determined to be ineffective as a result of their lack of cooperation and violation of their leases.

On November 23, after receiving yet another lease violation, the resident in #3 called to inform me that the heat was off. In the 19 minutes it took me to call the plumber and get him to her front door to investigate the trouble, this resident called the Ogden Housing Authority and claimed that we had shut off her heat.

In reality, the cause of this resident's heat loss was determined to be as a result of wooden boxes that had been placed over her radiators as makeshift heat shields by either the previous management or herself.

THIS was the condition of unit #3 on 
November 23, 2010, after the resident had called to report that there was no heat in her unit. (pictures taken by my plumber during his investigation of the trouble report)

Fortunately, the heat was working just fine... she just wasn't getting any because wooden boxes had been placed over the radiators in her unit.

The letter below, was delivered to the residents on October 17, 2010. 
Each and every resident (including this one) signed the receipt that is referred to in the letter, acknowledging that they had received, read, understood and agreed to its terms.

Below is a copy of a lease paragraph, requiring all residents to keep their units clean. 
Every resident has a similar paragraph in their lease. 
It also accompanied the resident notice letter 

For the example paragraph , I chose to use the paragraph as it appears in THIS particular resident's lease, just so there would be NO misunderstanding as to what was required.

Around this same time, through information obtained from outside sources, we were informed that this resident's boyfriend and co-lessee, was seriously involved in illegal drug activity and was known to be carrying a loaded handgun.  After he violently assaulted this resident, (and at this resident's request) I determined that he should be removed from her lease and banned from the property in an attempt to ensure this resident's safety, as well as the safety of the rest of the residents in the building.

Shortly thereafter, on or about November 25, 2010, I was reprimanded by the Ogden Housing Authority's manager, for removing this person from the lease of the tenant in #3 without obtaining their approval first.

In defense, I informed the OHA that the reason I wanted him removed from the lease and banned him from the building, was because my manger had been informed that this person was not only involved in illegal drug activity, but was also carrying a loaded handgun (on the property) and had become increasingly unstable in recent weeks.

Nevertheless, the OHA forbid me from making this change, despite this tenant's history of increasingly violent behavior.

Days later...
On the morning of November 29, 2010, this resident's boyfriend, woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided that it would be a good morning to assault  his girlfriend once again. This time, throwing her through a glass French door in the unit (without opening it first) Photos at left.

After the police were called to the building for this most recent of domestic assaults against his girlfriend, he went on the run to evade arrest for more than a month, finally being arrested and charged for the crime on December 30, when we notified police that we were informed that he had been staying at a local Day's Inn motel.

Upon his release from jail, we were told by our other residents that the tenant in #3 had been sneaking her boyfriend onto the property, late at night and allowing him to continue living in the household, in direct defiance of the notice she received informing her that he was banned from the property.

Once again...
We had to call the police again on  January 25, after this resident's boyfriend had attempted to kick in her back door, to gain entry to the unit. Reportedly, to beat up his girlfriend, yet again.

Throughout this period, the Ogden Housing Authority was trying to determine if there was enough cause to either, 
remove him from this resident's lease, or if I should evict them both.

On February 21, 2011 - during the course of the regular monthly pest control services at the building,  THIS was the condition of the kitchen in unit #3.    DISGUSTING!

IF there is any doubt that this resident's deplorable housekeeping is a contributing factor to the infestation of the building, there is absolutely NO doubt that she was habitually violating the terms of her lease and the tenant notice that she had agreed to.  (above)

This tenant will be getting charged back for 2 separate and ineffective pest control services.

After her eviction, we discovered that the reason the ceiling tiles
were broken is because that's where her boyfriend was hiding the drugs
he was dealing from the apartment.

Rather than allowing me to "manage" my building, based on "actual" conditions, circumstances and resident contact, the OHA continually imposes their opinions and orders, based on absolutely no REAL information or first hand tenant contact whatsoever.

Talk about Ogden Housing missing the mark with this tenant...
I served this tenant with a 30-Day Notice to Vacate her unit on Feb. 1, 2011...

As of Feb. 1, I was STILL waiting for approval from the OHA to evict her.

As of March 4, the resident's boyfriend was in jail and she has failed to vacate her unit.
she will be served with an unlawful detainer on Monday, March 7


Kier's attorney, Byron Benevento, was offended when I stated to him that Kier Property Management lacked ANY type of reliable tenant screening abilities.... Looks like they're batting 1000 to me.