The Tragic Result of Kier's Negligence:
July, 2008


Yet Another Consequence of Kier's Negligence and 
Mismanagement of this Property. 

Had Kier Property Management done ANYTHING to improve security at the building, after the violent rape of tenant in her apartment, just 3 months earlier, perhaps this tragic murder might well have been prevented.  

Sadly,  Kier's habitual lack of presence at the building, combined with their repeated failure to keep themselves informed about what went on there, caused them to miss the fact that the murdered woman was actually living with the tenant in apartment #2..... and had been for some time.....Kier claimed that they had no idea she 

As it turns out, the tenant in Apartment #2 was a prostitute also.... She had been living in the building  for 17 years, before Kier finally caught on and evicted her, after she was arrested at the building for soliciting an undercover  police officer for sex.... 

17 YEARS? ... WOW!
Makes you wonder if Kier was EVER at the building

Audio Slideshow obtained from Deseret News

Kier's negligence in managing this building and their failure to be proactive after the rape of a tenant just weeks earlier,  most definitely contributed to this tragic crime