Kier Gets a Delivery: of their own crap
May, 2010


After spending several hours disinfecting, scrubbing and removing several hundred pounds of pigeon crap from the ledge of just one (1) apartment, it became painfully obvious that although Kier Property Management claims to have done this work regularly AND charged my account for it regularly, (work orders in the previous posting), they had clearly NEVER done it... EVER.
Together, my helper and I swept up and bagged an estimated 300-400 pounds of pigeon droppings that had been removed from the ledge outside of unit #12... 
Still, I decided that if Kier wanted to stick to their story and continue to claim that they regularly did this work, I should give them the benefit of the doubt and take their word for it....  After all, it's remotely possible that they could have just forgotten to take these droppings with them.... the last 7 or 8
times this work was done -
So... I decided to return the droppings to Kier Management
Yes, those bags contain approximately 150-200 pounds of pigeon crap
After asking Kier's receptionist if it would be alright to leave some items that they had left at my property, I delivered these bags to Kier, compliments of the Peery Apartments.

The 'Gift Tag'
This is the 'gift tag' that was attached to each of the 3, well sealed bags that 
I delivered to Kier, WITH the consent of their receptionist.
Click on the tag to enlarge it


Once Kier employees realized what these gift bags really contained, they promptly called the police and tried to have me arrested.... I invited the officer to come watch the video of Kier's receptionist, giving me permission to leave these items with her... I never heard another word about it.

This must be what they mean by the saying...
 "You reap what you sow"
              I've still got about 1,100 pounds of 'reapings' for Kier