Kier Steals From This Vendor:
December, 2009


A lot of snow fell in Utah during that month of December.

One morning, I woke up to find that the grounds and the parking lot had been inundated with nearly a foot of snow.
So, I put on my warmest California winter wear (Ha!) and set out shoveling the snow from the parking lot, so the tenants  could get their cars out.  After shoveling an area about 20' x 20', I realized that I needed a lot more help than just the beat up old snow shovel that Kier had left in the supply room.

I saw a man on a bob-cat, plowing the snow in the parking lot of the building next door.  When he stopped to take a break, I approached the man to ask him how much he would charge, to remove the snow from around my building also.

I was somewhat shocked by the man's response as he said, "Oh no!! Not you guys again!!!"
When I asked him what he meant by this statement, everything started to fall into place as he told me this story.....

At some point during the previous winter, Terri Muchmore at Kier, had apparently contracted this man, to do the snow removal at the building.  Kier required the man to provide them with a copy of his liability insurance, showing that Kier was named as a beneficiary. (which he did).  He had given Terri a price of $30. for each time that he performed this service.... Kier had him do the snow removal at the building on 3 occasions and then NEVER PAID HIM-

I was so embarrassed by what he had told me, that I offered to pay the $90 that Kier had essentially stolen from him, if he would make an on camera statement detailing this experience with Kier.

Steve Bond of Steve's Tractor and Lawn Service, now does all of the snow removal at the building. He does an excellent job and HE GETS PAID FOR IT TOO.