Hazardous and Illegal Electrical Work:
May, 2010


The following are videos that were taken in several of the units as well as the boiler and supply rooms at the building, showing negligent, illegal and/or improperly made electrical repairs, compliments of Kier Property Management's incompetence...

Kier's maintenance employees ran Romex through conduit to wire one of the boiler's condensate return pumps.

In this still frame, you can see that there is no box connector

International Building Code requires the use of a box connector,
when running Romex into a metal remodel box.

Numerous electrical outlets were found to have been dangerously wired with Romex, into metal boxes, without the use of Romex connectors.

Ceiling fixtures were found, where Romex wire had been dropped from holes in the ceiling, without a fixture box present. These light fixtures were just screwed through the plaster, into 100 year old, rotting lathe. 
(the rotting lathe was due to the 81 water leaks that Kier supposedly knows nothing about)

Here, Kier demonstrates their flagrant disregard for tenant safety, by extending wires 
that were too short using stranded, speaker, or extension cord wire...
a serious electrical code, "No No".

This is yet another example of Kier's illegal electrical work. THIS is what we found above the kitchen ceiling of unit #7.  I can't imagine any legitimate, self respecting building inspector, signing this work off as "properly completed".... 
unless he had been drinking  (a lot)  at the time... or was otherwise enticed.

Kier's failure to terminate this casing safely
International Building Code calls for a staple to be used every 4 feet.

This Romex was run through a metal casing.
The sharp edges of the casing could cut into the
wires, causing a significant fire hazard.
More of Kier's illegal wiring found above the kitchen ceiling in unit #3
By law, Romex is required to be installed with a staple attaching it to a solid substrate every 4 feet.

Kier implemented a wide variety of illegal and/or improper electrical repair techniques at the building during the 18 years that they owned and operated it and they continued doing their own style of 
sub-code / sub-par / sub-standard 
work on it for the 4 years that I employed them.

Kier habitually placed tenants at risk by making these types of electrical repairs throughout the building, implementing the use of sub-standard materials 
and making sub-code repairs, wherever they saw fit. 

These repairs were not only illegal, but they placed the building in significant 
risk of having a catastrophic fire occur.

The picture below is a clipping taken from Ogden City's own website regarding electrical inspections.

                        Talk about a rough inspection...

             One wonders if they had an inspection at all.