The Cost of Kier's Negligence:
The Life of Dreux Gabler 12/4/2011


Kier's history of failing to adequately maintain the properties they manage, resulted in a tenant's death at this Shaquille O'Neal / Kier managed building in Denver

Thanks to Russell Haythorn and ABC-7 News in Denver, Colorado for exposing Kier's apparent habit of neglecting the properties they manage, which resulted in the death of one of Kier's own tenants, when a severely deteriorated fire escape railing at the Hilltop Apartments in Denver, collapsed, sending Dreux Gabler plummiting nearly 40 feet to his death on the pavement below.

The facts continue to speak for themselves. Kier Property Management neglects the properties they operate, allowing them to become run-down and dangerous.  Sadly, this man had to die before anyone took notice.


As it turns out, the owners of this Kier Management neglected property are basketball star, Shaquille O'Neal and his partner, Michael A. Liberty

American Housing Preservation Corporation  

Shaquille O'Neal and Michael A. Liberty own the Hilltop Apartments in Denver, CO.

"...There is no reason whatsoever that this
should have happened."
Former Kier employee Bryan Cook stated that he had warned Kier a number of times that these stairs were dangerous, but Kier said that the money for the needed repairs was "not in the budget"


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development routinely pays market or above market rents for the properties they subsidize.  Given the substantial waiting list for subsidized housing, the unit turn around time is generally less than a week. 

That translates to an almost 0% vacancy rate, compared to unsubsidized properties that typically see vacancy rates of 12-25% 

HUD inspected this building just 2-months earlier... It scored 94 out of a possible 100 points

It wasn't in the budget before... But it's suddenly in the budget now??? Did they win the lottery?

The apartments that this particular fire escape services, have non-break away bars on the windows.  In a fire, the occupants of these units would not be able to escape.

A fire escape with non-break-away bars on the windows???
Who missed this?
This "Fire Escape" clearly needed a "Rust Escape"

Starting to get the picture?
Aside from HUD, the City of Denver also inspected this fire escape and never noticed THIS 1st class ticket to the morgue?
But hey!  They're only poor people, right?

"...Who knew about this and how long did they
know about it, prior to Dreux'a death?

Exposed live wiring from a downed lamp post,
 covered with a traffic cone for months
Live wiring, exposed for months in a complex that children live in... 
(and who play on this lawn)

Have a look at some of the highlighted quotes

Shaq's dream is to own $1 billion / year in affordable housing?
Right now he owns a $2.3 million dollar slum in Denver....
Managed by Kier Property Management

... but I'll send a man plummeting to his death off a deteriorated fire escape at one of my neglected buildings... no problem!
(Michael A. Liberty)

"It's all about taking care of people"
Who is this jackass kidding?
It's all about getting money out of the government and keeping as much of it as he can, by forcing his tenants to live in sub-standard and neglected housing.
THAT'S what it's all about

Asking HUD to investigate this tragedy is a little like 
asking the fox to guard the hen-house.
It was HUD inspectors who failed to notice this 
deferred maintenance in October. 
What do you think the outcome of 
HUD's self investigation will be?

Below are comments from the ABC 7 News website 
from former Kier Employees and others, 
documenting Kier's history of 
neglecting their properties and their failure to
make serious repairs that they were made aware of

The comments above establish Kier Property Management's history and
pattern of failing to make, and/or refusal to make critical repairs
that their own employees make them aware of.
Kier knows about their property deficiencies
and does nothing to correct them.

UPDATE: 02/20/2013

I recently received these messages on Facebook, from a current Kier tenant in Denver, CO.  I had to obscure the name because I don't want to cause this person any trouble or retaliation from Kier.

As you can see, there's not much difference in the way Kier manages their properties in Colorado either. 

Facebook posting by Angie Baker - Former Kier Site Manager
Kier Site Manager that was referred  to in the picture above

Facebook Message from:  

Angela Baker - Former Kier Manager
Courthouse Square Apts. in Denver, CO

UPDATE: 03/12/2013

I received this message on Facebook, from a former Kier employee in Denver, CO.  
Clearly a pattern in emerging that suggests Kier fires their employees if they fail to adhere to the company's policy of treating tenants poorly.


 This Kier tenant reports that another tenant at the Halcyon House in Denver, CO. operates a makeshift convenience store out of her apartment.  A very resourceful way to make an income while you report to HUD that you are unemployed and receive housing assistance and food stamps.

UPDATE 01/03/2014