A Rape at the Peery Apartments:
April 5, 2008


Just 3-months before the brutal murder of the woman at my building,  another tenant was violently raped in her unit at gunpoint, by an unknown assailant.

Evidently, Kier doesn't consider a rape to be a crime that is serious enough to notify the property owner about,...because I found out about this crime, while doing my own investigation into the circumstances surrounding the murder.

Had Kier taken any sort of action after this violent crime, perhaps the murder at the building  just 3-months later,  might have been prevented.

BELOW: Newspaper article and a KSL-News segment about the rape:

Transient's frequently found their way up the back stairs, looking for the drug dealers and 
prostitutes that Kier Property Management habitually rented apartments to in this building.