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May, 2010


Aside from the enormous amount of pigeon droppings that were clogging the building's drainage system, a wide  array of other artifacts were also removed from the rain gutters and down spouts around the complex. Most notable of the artifacts were: a collection of rocks; broken glass; beer bottles; a telephone battery; fast food containers and several disposable cigarette lighters... one was even wearing a condom-
This Lighter was just about the safest thing at the building after Kier mismanaged it.

Among the numerous artifacts that were pulled from the rain gutters and down spouts were: A collection of rocks; some fast food containers; drinking straws; pieces of a girl's head band; a telephone battery; several disposable cigarette lighters and this Lay's Potato Chip bag....

This Potato Chip Bag was pulled from a clogged down spout drain
It was dated 1984
These bags contain a sampling of the garbage and debris that I pulled from 3 of the clogged downspouts on the front of the building. The rain gutters now flow freely and drain as they were designed to. Sadly, the damage to the soffits will take a little more effort and a lot more money to repair.
Because Kier failed to perform even the simplest of preventative maintenance around the building for 4 years, they ultimately caused over $12,000 in damages to this beautiful 100 year old Historic Landmark

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