The Epitome of Kier's Negligence
June 7, 2011


According to their attorney, Bryon Benevento, 
Kier Property Management does an 
excellent job of managing and maintaining 
the properties they operate.... 

Kier also has some lovely ski resort property for sale... in the Sahara Desert.


In Early 2010, while going through the tenant files, I discovered that in one resident file, Kier had included everything EXCEPT a copy of the resident's  lease.

My assumption was that this was yet another example of Kier's negligence, which their attorney so adamantly defends as, "untrue and unfounded".... I discovered today (June 7, 2011, that my assumption was absolutely, correct... and then some.

Several weeks ago, while making yet another (my 3rd) request to Kier, to provide me with ALL documentation pertaining to the daily management and operation of my building, I specifically asked Kier's attorney to provide me with a copy of this resident's lease.

It's difficult to find a copy of something that never existed

Today (June 7, 2011) I was informed by the Ogden Housing Authority that Kier employee Terri Muchmore, had been to their offices earlier in the day, asking for a copy of this particular resident's lease from the Housing Authority's files, because they weren't able to find a copy of it in their own files.

As it turns out, this resident transfered to my building from another Kier managed property on August 30, 2005 and  Kier just never got around to having him sign a lease when he moved into  my building.... and failed to do so, FOR 5 YEARS???

This building operates under a HUD contract that requires signed, 1-year leases from ALL residents

Yet again, Kier negligently violated HUD regulations and placed my contract with HUD in jeopardy of being cancelled, while defrauding the Ogden Housing Authority and placing me at risk of being sued.

Fortunately, Kier never held ANY of the tenants to the terms of the leases they authored, nor enforced ANY of the provisions they contained, so this resident never had the opportunity to sue me because Kier tried to enforce a lease that never existed.

I hate to impugn the integrity of Kier's attorney but,
Has Bryon Benevento lost ALL touch with reality??

THIS pretty much qualifies as, 

Below is Kier's official statement on the disposition 
of Mr. Lamb's lease, as delivered to me by Kier's attorney.
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A "copy" wasn't available, because the original never existed.


Below is a notarized statement of facts from Mr. Lamb
indicating that Kier NEVER had him sign a lease for my property...
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Looks like Kier got caught in
yet another lie.