The Removal of Kier Corp's Crap:
April-May 2010


Given that the Ogden Housing Authority had only allotted me 90 days to remove the unimaginable filth, that they had allowed Kier Property Management to maintain on the building for well over the 4 years I have owned it... I spent nearly a month at the building, pressure washing, scraping, disinfecting and cleaning the enormous amount of pigeon feces, that had been accumulating on it for many years....

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Although Kier Property Management "claims" that they removed the pigeon droppings from the building, regularly and work orders, obtained from a Kier employee, show that pressure washers were ordered and charged to my account on several occasions, plain old logic and common sense dictates that, Kier was once again, being less than honest.... OK, they flat out lied.

In reality...
The pressure washer that was ordered on July 15, 2008. was actually used to wash away the blood and brain matter left behind after the murder the night before.

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I arrived in Utah on April 23 to begin the long and arduous process of removing an estimated 5 years worth of pigeon droppings, which was piled high on every horizontal surface of the building.  At the same time, I also needed to ensure that I did not place the residents at any further risk by inadvertently increasing their exposure to this disgusting health hazard.

In the course of doing some research on how to best remove this obscene filth, without increasing the health risk that it already posed to the residents, I learned that dried pigeon feces can carry a variety of airborne pathogens and fungus spores. I also learned that persons with a high or prolonged exposure rate to dried pigeon feces, are at an increased risk of developing serious respiratory and other diseases such as: Histoplasmosis; Cryptococcosis; Psittacosis and some strains of Viral Encephalitis.


Kier routinely exposed the residents to this disease carrying filth.
  Children were being exposed to it too. 
I began the removal process, on the ledges outside of unit #12. The rain gutter around the ledge of this unit measures about 8" x 8" and was packed full and over flowing with year upon year of dried and compressed pigeon droppings. In fact, the resident who lives in this unit, didn't even know there was a rain gutter there. She had always thought it was just a flat ledge with a little bird poop on it. There's no way to prepare you for what's in these videos.
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Part-1  of  a 4-part series - taken on the ledge outside of unit #12

This is just disgusting: ... Almost as disgusting as Kier expecting ANYONE to believe their claims that they regularly cleaned this mess off of the building. Imagine exposing children to this filth on a daily basis, for years on end... That's exactly what Kier did.

Part-2  of   4-parts - Outside of Unit #12

It took me a little more than a week and a half, working about 10 hours per day, to clean all of the bird droppings off the entire building. One would think that if Kier had really done this work on a regular basis, then at least one of the 14 families that lived there, would've seen Kier's imaginary building washers at some point.... The residents never saw ANYONE come to the building and do this work... because it was never done.

                  Part-3  of  4-parts - Outside of Unit #12

This tenant even asked Kier to remove the pigeon droppings, but they said they couldn’t do it... and they clearly never did.

Part-4  of  4-parts - Outside of Unit #12

Keep in mind that these 4 videos represent the removal of pigeon feces from just 1 of the 14 units.
In total, several hundred pounds were removed from just the front of the building.  

Below is an excerpt from a letter that Kier attorney, Bryon Benevento sent to me, essentially denying that Kier was negligent in removing the pigeon feces from the building.... I think somebody's lying.
I don't think ANYONE is naive enough to believe his claims, in light of the videos above and in the following posts.  One would think that an ATTORNEY would be more selective in the lies that he tells. On November 30, 2009 there was no sign of the imaginary owl and mylar strips that Mr. Benevento refers to, anywhere at or on the building.

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Because it was NEVER done

The pictures below were taken in an area that is over-run with birds, along the California coastline.
Kier claims that they cleaned the bird droppings from my building at least annually.
These rocks haven't been cleaned since the beginning of time.

Ogden City inspectors will fine a property owner
over $200 for placing a sofa out by the dumpster
but they completely ignore a dangerous health hazard
like this one??  Wow!!