Unlawful and Improper Plumbing Work:
June, 2010

Obviously, a 100 year old building is going to have its share of plumbing issues...

Evidently at some point, the 100 year old, kitchen sink drain pipe in one unit, had given out and needed to be replaced. Rather than connecting the new drain pipe to the rest of the drainage system for the building, Kier employees came up with this brilliant, improper and unpermitted fix......

The smell of rotting food coming from this illegal plumbing work was indescribable. 

In this email, my plumber addresses some of my questions about this improper drain work and  the unlawful and unpermitted venting of  the building's water heater......

•  35 pounds of debris buried the water heater's vent pipe

•  Because the vent was buried and sealed off, it caused a 100% back flow of deadly Carbon monoxide back into the building.

•  The illegal drain was installed after the most recent remodel.

•  The kitchen drain was re-routed into and exterior storm drain, causing it to back up.

Obviously, Kier operates outside of the building codes
         by their own set of rules.

(diagram of the unlawfully vented water heater)

Yet another example of Kier's plumbing work and Ogden City's inept, negligent or corrupt building inspectors.

In this video, you can see where Kier neglected to glue this drainpipe and fitting together, causing water to leak out between the joint and repeatedly ruin the ceiling tiles in this unit. 

Ogden City Building inspectors signed off on this negligent work.

Patch 'n Paste Repair Work

Here is just one more of the countless examples of "Patch 'n Paste" repairs that Kier Property Management did to this building. Kier's attorney, Byron Benevento, sent me a letter in which he seemed rather offended that I would even suggest that Kier routinely employed the use of "Patch 'n Paste" type repairs at my building.
Here, you can see where a hot water line had ruptured and rather than use the correct materials to repair the pipe, they reduced the 3/4" line down to 1/2" , installed their 1/2" repair and the increased the pipe size back up to 3/4 " again. The resulting Patch 'n Paste repair caused additional and unnecessary pressure to be placed on an already fragile water system, which of course caused another rupture just a few inches down the line from this "repair'

Melting Raw Sewage Line

In the pictures below, you can see that Kier installed this ABS plastic waste line, right up against a HOT boiler pipe. The result over time was that the ABS plastic waste line melted from the heat, causing raw sewage to leak out. Ogden City building inspectors saw this work and signed off on it anyways.

The picture below is a clipping taken from Ogden City's own website

        I wonder what the inspectors were looking for in 1987?