Still More of Kier Corp's Crap:
May, 2010


All in all, it took over a week and a half to remove an estimated 1,500 pounds of pigeon feces from the front of the building. This is video of the droppings that I removed from the ledge outside of unit #3.

Clearly, this is not just a few months accumulation of pigeon droppings.
Kier NEVER did this work.
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The fact that Kier routinely exposed children to this filth, without even giving it a second thought is an outrage.  Kier didn't care, because their families didn't have to live here.
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Kier's records indicate that this disgusting mess was power washed
from the building every few months.
Does ANYONE believe that THIS is just a few months worth of
Kier Corp's Crap?

Kier managed my building for just 4 years and claimed to have cleaned the bird droppings from it annually.

The rocks in the pictures below are in an area along the Northern California coastline that is plagued with birds. (seagulls mostly). These rocks haven't been cleaned since the beginning of time.
Odd that my building appears to have 
more droppings on it that these rocks do