The Laundry Room:
November 30, 2009


Kier's Apparent Views On Property Management:

Why bother to fix this pipe?
Besides, how bad could the "lye" (sodium hydroxide) in that water burn someone if they slipped and fell in it while doing their laundry, anyway? 
Steve's got insurance, right?....
The tenants should really watch where they're going in the first place.

Kier once informed me that the boiler pipes could not be repaired, due to their age and brittle condition.  In December 2009, I found out that once again, Kier had been less than honest in their statements, when Kier's boiler repairman (and now mine) replaced this leaking pipe in less than 30 minutes and charged me just $50. for the repair.  
Kier had implemented their own ingenious method for dealing with leaking boiler pipes. They would drill a hole in the pipe where the leak was, then drive a screw into the hole and then cover the screw with some kind of an epoxy.  Then, when the next leak would occur, (most often only inches from the last), Kier would make the same type of repair and charge me for it again. 
This particular leaking return pipe had somewhere around 25 of this type of repair along its 6 foot length.