Kier's Negligent Tenant Screening


Here's a perfect example of how Kier's past reputation enables them to do whatever they please in the state of Utah and how other businesses interact with Kier based on that reputation.

HUD and the OHA require landlords to conduct credit and criminal background check on all prospective applicants, prior to referring them to the OHA for program approval.

Coincidently, I happened to choose the same credit reporting agency that Kier Property Management uses. Western Reporting in Salt Lake City.

I'm not exactly sure what Kier does with the information provided to them by this company, but a quick check of their restroom would likely yield the answer.
Kier routinely charged my account for running credit and background checks on prospective tenants, 
to supposedly guard against placing "undesirable"  tenants at my building.

This tenant had nearly $15,000 in charge-off's and a judgment for $975 against her.
She caused over $17,000 in damages to her apartment.

This tenant had nearly $30,000 in charge offs, and a State tax lien against her.
She caused over $7,000 in damages to her apartment.

Kier approved both of these tenants and placed them at my building.
Together they caused nearly $25,000 in damages.
Clearly Kier NEVER checked these reports after running them...
...they just charged me for running them

After evicting yet another one of the system abusers that Kier had placed at my building and spending thousands of dollars to renovate the nearly destroyed unit, I received an application from a prospective tenant.

I went onto the Western Reporting website to run the applicant's background check, but the system would not allow me to log-in using the user name and password that they had given me when I opened my account with them over a year ago.

Upon contacting Cassie at Western Reporting, it seems that somehow, my account (with no ties to Kier whatsoever) had mysteriously reverted back over into Kier's account, under the name of, "Paul Westgate".... and not for the first time either.

This is actually the second time that I have had to contact Western Reporting because my account was no longer working, only to find out that the account had been, "mistakenly" put back into Kier's name.