A Meeting with Kier:
November 30, 2009


I arrived at Kier Property Management's offices at 1:00 PM on November 30, equipped with my camera and the expectation that I would be receiving all of the items pertaining to the day to day operation and maintenance of the building over the previous 4 years, as I had requested in my letter to them. (above)

What I received, was only a small portion of the items I had requested and a lot of excuses and back peddling from Kier Project Manager, Terri Muchmore and Kier Accountant and CFO, Gordon Neilson.

Unfortunately, due to the extremely cold weather in Utah on November 30, my camera malfunctioned and the video portion of these files were corrupted and lost.

In this segment, Terri Muchmore attempts an explanation at why
Kier is not able to produce the checkbook for the building's bank account.

Together, the two make several statements regarding the condition of the building's water and heating systems that appear to contradict themselves.

Terri tries to back peddle her way through the questions I ask, about the circumstances surrounding the murder at the building and Kier's deliberate disregard of my order to evict the tenant in unit #2 after the murders, because the tenant had violated her lease, which resulted in the death of another person.

Terri then becomes a little flustered, once she realizes that the statements she has made, have backed her into a corner that she can't get out of.

List to Terri Muchmore admit that Kier knew that the pipes in the building were defective.
ME: "...I didn't find out about it for a few more months"
TERRI: "Neither did we
Kelly, the lead maintenance man for Kier, seems just a little bit too familiar and well versed on the defective water pipes in the building, considering that a huge construction company like Kier, claims to know nothing about the existence of these pipes, or the settlement of the class action lawsuit that they were the topic of.

Yet another example of Kier's near compulsive habit of making misstatements came during our meeting, when Kier claimed to have given me every key for the building, that they had in their possession. The next blog posting shows that this statement was untrue.