Christmas Eve with the City Clerk and Wells Fargo Bank:
December 24, 2009


I returned to California to spend Christmas with my family, and to try and figure out how I was going to deposit the tenant's December and January rent checks, that would be made out to "Peery Apartments",  into an account that was now closed and never legally existed in the firs place.

On the afternoon of December 24, 2009, I went into my local branch of Wells Fargo Bank in Studio City, to see if an arrangement could be made that would enable me to deposit these checks, which would be arriving in less than a week.  I was informed by the Wells Fargo branch manager, that the only way I would be able to deposit the checks, would be to file a DBA under the name, "Peery Apartments" and open new bank accounts.

Rather than being able to spend that Christmas Eve with my family as planned, I spent the next 3 hours at City Hall, in the City Clerk's Office, filing a DBA in the name, "Peery Apartments”.

Once the DBA was filed, I had to race across town to get back to Wells Fargo, before they closed for the holidays.

I arrived at Wells Fargo Bank, just moments before they closed their doors for the holidays, and spent the next hour and a half with their Business Banking Manager, opening the new accounts, while my Christmas Eve was being ruined by Kier's negligence and incompetence.